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Currently Holding:102
All-Time World Records: 224


Mansion of Hidden Souls Any% (Bad Ending)
Sega CD*
10:21 03/08/16
Read Only Memories
Any% (True Ending)
1:38:56 04/10/16
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Any% (True Ending)
Sega CD*
23:22 05/22/16
Mansion of Hidden Souls Any% (True Ending, Blindfolded) Sega CD*
28:09 05/25/16
Read Only Memories
Any% (Complicity Ending)
PC 1:57:57 06/13/16
Rise of the Dragon
Any% (Bad Ending)
Sega CD* 1:57 09/30/16
Rise of the Dragon
Any% (True Ending)
Sega CD*
14:21 09/31/16
Forgotten (2016)
All Bosses
2:29 01/04/17
Forgotten (2016)
New Game +
0:36 01/04/17
Tuff E Nuff
SNES* 12:29 01/11/17
Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Demo
PSX* 11:34 01/16/17
Final Fantasy VII: Aeris Demo
PSX* 14:00.87 01/16/17
Seinfeld: The Senpai
Any% Web/PC 6:18 04/23/17
Soul Calibur IV
Story Mode, Any% (Custom) XBOX 360 3:59 07/11/17
Final Fantasy VI
Any% (No Sketch, No Warps) PSX*` 22:51:19 07/23/17
Soul Calibur IV
Story Mode, Hard (Custom) XBOX 360 4:36 08/05/17
Any% PS Vita` 3:54:30 08/30/17
EA Sports UFC
Win the Ultimate Fighter
PS4 19:46 01/24/18
EA Sports UFC
Win the Belt
PS4 1:12:51 01/24/18
EA Sports UFC
Retire Undefeated
PS4 2:48:43 01/24/18
EA Sports UFC
Qualify for the Ultimate Fighter
PS4 6:41 01/24/18
EA Sports UFC
Fastest KO PS4 0:03 01/27/18
Final Fantasy VII
Any%, (No Materia Menu) PS4 3:23:16 08/18/18
Final Fantasy XV DLCs
3 Original DLCs (Any%) PS4 1:41:52 11/04/18
Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD
Any% (New Game +)
PS4 3:49:39 11/25/18
Urban Trial Freestyle
PS3 1:48:55 02/20/19
Revenge of the 'Gator Pinball
Bonus Stage 2
Game Boy* 2:08 03/30/19
Toy Stunt Bike: Tiptop's Trials
Any% (35 Trophies)
PS4 7:28 04/02/19
Revenge of the 'Gator Pinball
Bonus Stage 3
Game Boy* 2:05 04/03/19
Final Fantasy XV DLCs
All DLCs (Any%)
PS4 2:22:53 04/11/19
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
Verse 2, Easy
PS4 29:45 04/18/19 (Also: 11/04/18-04/10/19, 4/11/19-4/17/19)
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Any% Android` 15:39:25 04/21/19
Toy Stunt Bike: Tiptop's Trials
100% (120 Trophies) PS4 36:40 05/19/19
Toy Stunt Bike:Tiptop's Trials
Any%, No Checkpoints
PS4 7:28 9/12/19
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn
PS4 34:03 9/15/19 (Also: 03/26/19-03/30/19)
Sega CD* 3:26:51 10/06/19
Final Fantasy X-2
Any% (New Game +, YRP Only)
PS4 7:18:02 02/12/20
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return of the Shredder
Any% (Co-Op)
Sega Mega Drive* 41:27 04/28/20
Hover! (for Windows 95)
Three Laps
PC* 22:31 04/30/20
Final Fantasy VII Remake
New Game +, Normal (PS4 Pro)
PS4' 7:11:05 06/20/20
* - Emulator Used /// ` - Console Exclusive Record

2064: Read Only Memories
Main Categories
Category 'All Good Things'
(True) Ending
(All Endings)
'The Sacrifice'
'A New Blue'
(All Game Overs)
No Run 2:20:18
No Run
Cam/Mic PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - No Run
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - No/No
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - No Run
PS4 - Yes/Yes
2064: Read Only Memories
Category 'Clark Kent'
EX Game
EX Game
Mega Phobetor Bad Neighbor
Game Over
Stop the Violence
Game Over
Security Guard
Game Over
Game Over
Spoiled Milk
Game Over
Punks: A 2064
Story (Any%)
Punks: A 2064
Story (New Game +)
No Run 1:27
No Run No Run No Run No Run No Run 0:33
No Run 1:28
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
N/A PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - No/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - Yes/Yes
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - N/A
PC - Yes/Yes
PS4 - N/A

The Simpsons Any% (MAME) Arcade*` 23:47 07/10/15-07/08/18 1,095 Days
108 Stars, Glitches
PSX (PSTV) 4:03:00 10/31/16-12/12/18 774 Days
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game
Any% (MAME)
25:15 07/10/15-07/30/17
752 Days
The Yukon Trail Any% PC (Win 3.1)* 11:57 09/04/16-09/22/18
749 Days
X-Men (The Arcade Game)
Any% (MAME)
14:52 07/10/15-01/18/17 552 Days
Soul Calibur IV Any% XBOX 360
2:55 07/11/17-10/16/18
463 Days
Final Fantasy XV:Royal Edition
Any% NG+, No Ring
PS4 7:15:39 03/03/19-03/13/19 376 Days
Chrono Trigger
100%, Glitchless
SNES 15:38:59 01/21/16-12/19/16
335 Days
Lunar: Samposuru Gakuen
Any% (English Patch)
Game Gear* 4:41:38 10/29/16-07/30/17 275 Days
Soul Calibur V
Any% Story
XBOX 360 53:42 07/23/17-04/13/18 265 Days
Soul Calibur V
XBOX 360 2:40 07/16/17-12/29/17 167 Days
Tetris and Dr Mario
Tetris 100 Lines, Level 0 Start
SNES* 9:56 11/17/16-01/14/17 59 Days
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time
Any% (MAME)
Arcade*` 34:54 09/20/16-10/27/16 39 Days
Revenge of the Gator Pinball
Bonus Stage 1
Gameboy* 23.3 04/12/19-04/25/19 14 Days
Final Fantasy VII Remake New Game +, Normal
PS4 8:47:19 06/06/20-06/14/20 8 Days
Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale
Any%, Normal
PS4 38:11 01/24/19-01/27/19 4 Days
Final Fantasy VII
PS4 3:25:00 08/13/18-08/15/18 3 Days
Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing
Sega Genesis* 16:16 11/11/19-11/13/19 3 Days
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return of the Shredder
Any%, Easy
Sega Mega Drive* 43:02 04/27/20-04/28/20 2 Days
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn
Any%, Normal
PS4 50:57 03/26/19-03/27/19 23 hours
* - Emulator Used /// ` - Console Exclusive Record

The Complex
Any% (True Ending)
PS4 1:11:19 First playthrough; caked it!
Final Fantasy V
Four Job Fiesta (JobFair%)
SNES* 15:31:36 My first ever FFV run (BLU/MKN/BRD/CHM)
Final Fantasy VI
Kefka at Narshe
SNES* 2:32:12 Sometimes this video doesn't load because it's so old
Final Fantasy VII
Any% No Slots
PC 16:23:20 Part 2 (even with 0 dropped frames; thanks Twitch) HERE
Kingdom Hearts 3
PS4 9:30:13
Late Shift
Any% (True Ending)
PS4 1:04:52 Missed True Ending by 1 choice on 1st try
Mega Man 3
Any% NES* 57:00.99 Bad Video Quality
Mega Man X
Any% SNES 44:34.38
Mega Man X
100% SNES 55:07.87
Quick And Crash
Any% Arcade 0:03 This game rules
Resident Evil 4 Any% (Special Weapons)
XBOX 360 2:17:20 My bro's run; I'm just there to watch
Revenge of the 'Gator Pinball 100K Points
Gameboy* 2:16 Filling out the full speedrun board
Sonic the Hedgehog
Any%, Glitchless
Sega* 26.08.52 My first speedrun
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Any%, No Zips
Sega* 38.20.51
Super Meat Boy
Any% No WW, Glitchless
PC 29.28.95
Super Mario Land Any%, Glitchless
Gameboy* 19:30 My 5 year old self gets revenge!
Super Metroid Escape Ceres
SNES* 41:33 I thought, why not?
Undertale Any% Neutral, Glitchless
PC 1:50.11
* - Indicates Emulator Used
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV
Any%, New Game +
PS4 6:42:55 My first FFXV run
Final Fantasy XV
PS4 7:21:30
Final Fantasy XV
Any%, Normal
PS4 8:52:58 Long haul
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition
Any%, New Game +
PS4 6:26:14 Beat my original PB in the new version with extra bosses!
Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale
PS4 38:45 My easy difficulty PB is worse than normal mode
Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD
PS4 6:49:50 I was rusty, but 3 hours more than NG +?
Misc Categories
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae
PS4 55:52 Deadeye route
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn
Kingly Clash
PS4 3:28 That's not a bad time to rest on
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus
PS4 26:51 Always a fun run
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus
Any%, Normal
PS4 28:14 Nice cut
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus
Score Attack
PS4 23:42
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
PS4 24:10 My SSD is not as good as other runners' apparently...
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
Any%, Normal
PS4 28:31 Sub Tirdy
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
Any%, Normal, Verse 2
PS4 39:04
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
PS4 39:56 Slid in for final orignial 3 DLC under 40
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
Any%, Normal
PS4 42:14
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
Intensive Training
PS4 3:52 Very cool and fun mode
Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo
PS4 8:02
Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo
PS4 18:22

Breath of Fire III Playthrough w/ Josh
Reeyoo or Rye-oo? You decide!
Video Link / Title Runtime Comments
Part One: From Boy to Whelp 10:18:46 What a messed up childhood! Poor Ryu!
Part Two: From Man to...Dragon!...Man 10:56:28 This game is so long, huh? Good though!
Part Three: From Man Unto God 1:42:43 This ending blows me away!
IN-GAME TIME: 18:49; TOTAL PLAY TIME: 22:57:57 [TOTAL VIDEO TIME: 23:00:59]

JAPANESE CHRONO TRIGGER (100%) (No English + No Guides)
Link / Segment Name Runtime Notes
Part 1: Start of the Game - Recruiting Robo 2:11:50 Lost a few seconds of data during this video; it was originally split into two parts. Terrible start!  Longest Dragon Tank EVER!
Part 2: Recruiting Robo - Defeating Masa/Mune 2:08:17
Part 3: Defeating Masa/Mune - Battle with Magus 2:10:20
Part 4: Battle with Magus/Start of Sewers 2:20:48 Epic Lazy mode was in full effect...
Part 5: Start of Sewers/Undersea Palace Boss 2:22:27 Controller cam appears!
Part 6: Undersea Palace Boss/Endgame Sidequestst 2:01:25 Controller cam epic fail causes the mic to go silent a few minutes in
Part 7: Endgame Sidequests - Sidequests 1/3 Done 2:05:24
Part 8: Sidequests 1/3 Done - Almost All Done 2:??:?? Twitch deleted this segment. Completed: Origin of Machines, Sunken Desert and 1/2 of The Rainbow Shell Sidequest(s)
Part 9: The Black Omen - The End of the Game 2:52:27 Didn't remember The Black Omen lead right to the final battle; surprise Final Boss
Part 10: Epilogue 1:50:41 Finished the 1 1/2 sidequest I wasn't able to do blind (and The Revival of Chrono)
TOTAL IN-GAME TIME: 17:45; TOTAL PLAY TIME: ~21:09 ---- Game was completed 90% blind/100% done in total

Divinity 2: Original Sin - Blind Playthrough on PS4
with Charlie, Dave and, Josh

Video Link / Segment Cam/Mic? Runtime Notes(?)
Part One Yes/Kinda 1:59:35 My audio only for just this segment
Part Two Yes/Yes 2:48:01
Part Three Yes/Yes 2:15:33
Part Four Yes/Yes 4:11:15
Part Five Yes/Yes 2:19:28
Part Six A Yes/Yes 2:43:07 Part Six B
Part Seven Yes/Yes 2:57:36
Part Eight Yes/Yes 3:32:51
Part Nine Yes/Yes 2:25:53
Part Ten Yes/Yes 3:24:36
Part Eleven A Yes/Yes 1:59:35 Part Eleven B
Part Twelve A Yes/Yes 2:21:05 Part Twelve B
Part Thirteen Yes/Yes 2:14:22
Part Fourteen Yes/Yes 3:12:10
Part Fifteen Yes/Yes 1:51:51 The YouTube Debut!
Part Sixteen Yes/Yes 3:23:16
Part Seventeen Yes/Yes 3:01:31
Part Eighteen Yes/Yes 2:15:34
Part Nineteen Yes/Yes 2:00:26
Part Twenty Yes/Yes 3:01:45
Part Twenty-One Yes/Yes 3:21:03
Part Twenty-Two A Yes/Yes 3:04:57 Part Twenty-Two B...and C...and D
Part Twenty-Three Yes/Yes 2:47:53
Part Twenty-Four Yes/Yes 2:39:17
Part Twenty-Five Yes/Yes 2:34:23
Part Twenty-Six Yes/Yes 2:26:56
Part Twenty-Seven Yes/Yes 2:24:26
Part Twenty-Eight Yes/Yes 3:18:08
Part Twenty-Nine Yes/Yes 5:04:41
Part Thirty Yes/Yes 3:43:44 Part Thirty B
Part Thirty-One Yes/Yes 3:29:05
Part Thity-Two Yes/Yes 1:58:30
Part Thirty-Three Yes/Yes 2:57:35
Part Thirty-Four Yes/Yes 2:14:14 Part Thirty-Four B
Part Thirty-Five Yes/Yes 3:03:49
Played December 5th, 2020 through July 18th, 2021

2019 Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Co-Op
Bartz - THF/NIN Cara - SUM Faris - NIN/SUM Lenna - DNC/SUM
Video Link / Players on Segment Cam/Mic? Runtime Chapters
Part One w/ Charlie No/No 1:35:57 Starting Out - Arrival at North Mountain
Part Two w/ Dave, Luca and Steph Yes/Yes 4:42:49 North Mountain - Onward to the Ancient Library!
Part Three Yes/Yes 2:49:20 Ancient Library - Galuf to the Rescue!
Part Four No/No 1:44:50 Gilgamesh in Jail - To Kelb Village
Part Five w/ Charlie No/No 1:04:27 A Villiage of Wolves - Destruction of the Hiryuu Plant
Part Six w/ Charlie No/No 1:33:23 Leaving Hiryuu Valley - We Got a Submarine!
Part Seven w/ Charlie No/No 1:59:04 Date With a (Turtle) Sage - Arrival on a Merged World
Part Eight w/ Steph Yes/Yes 2:54:20 Reconvening in Tycoon - A Complete Catastroph!
Part Nine w/ Charlie Yes/Yes 3:53:05 The Final Grind - A Final Obstacle: TwinTania
Part Ten Yes/Yes 1:58:13 A Swift Revenge - The Fiesta's End
IN-GAME TIME: 18:35; TOTAL PLAY TIME: 22:41:21 [TOTAL VIDEO TIME: 24:15:36]
Played through the game only using: Thief, Summoner, Ninja, and Dancer jobs (with friends!)

JAPANESE FINAL FANTASY VI (100%) (No English + No Guides)
TerraEsper-form TerraCelesLockeEdgarSabinSetzer
Link / Segment Name Runtime Notes
Part 1: Start of the Game - Baren Falls (Sabin) 1:49:17 Skipped most of Locke's scenario with a glitch and Suplexed a train!
Part 2: From Baren Falls to Vector 1:43:19 Beat Kefka @ Narshe first try; got through the Japanese opera first try...then Ultros ruins the play
Part 3: From Vector to the Sealed Gate 1:31:39 Realized I was super under-leveled here and ended up having a tough time against the cranes...
Part 4: From the Sealed Gate to Meeting Strago 1:52:26 Here's where I make up for being under-leveled with grinding
Part 5: From the fire in Thamasa to the Floating Continent's Rise 1:15:51 Trolled endlessly by the auction house...
Part 6: From the rise to the landing on the Floating Continent 1:15:01 So...this part of the game sucks...
Part 7: From the Floating Continent to Following GERAD 1:31:02 World of Ruin - Characters Recruited - Celes, Sabin
There's a section that Twitch completely didn't record here 1:37:?? Lost section - Characters recruited - Edgar, Setzer, Mog, Gau
Part 8: Searching for Friends Part 1 1:49:51 Troubles with Chadarnook - Characters recruited - Gogo, Relm, Strago
Part 9A: Searching for Friends Part 2(A) 11:40 Twitch bugged and cut this into two parts
Part 9(B): Searching for Friends Part 2(B) 1:27:49 Characters Recruited - Terra, Shadow, Umaro, Cyan
Part 10: Slaying Your Enemies 2:14:53 I did most of the non-character recruiting endgame sidequests
Part 11: Ready for the End 1:47:14 Beat Fanatics Tower and Recruited Locke, Nothing left now but Kefka
Part 12: Step Aside and Let Setzer Through 2:05:43 Center Path complete, Decent progress into tower
Part 13: My Nemesis: Death 1:33:46 No luck with any progress on this section...
Part 14: I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts 1:55:29 Leveled up and Defeated Poltergeist
Part 15: The Gods are Defeated 2:44:54 Defeated Death and Goddess, Nothing left now but Kefka
Part 16: 100% No Guides in Japanese 1:29:25 I beat Final Fantasy VI, Recruited all characters, Got all magicite, Completed all Sidequests
TOTAL IN-GAME TIME: 21:45; TOTAL PLAY TIME: ~28:51 ---- Game was 100% completed 100% guide free

Final Fantasy VII (PS4) - Perfect Save File
I 100%'ed this game in the time between the Remake's Original and ACTUAL Release Dates!
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Hard Mode (w/ All Sidequests) Playthrough
Hard Mode...It's like a whole different game!
Video Link / Part Segment Title Runtime Segment/Chapter(s) Runtime Notes
Part One Opening Perfect Mission > Wall Market 34:42 Chapter One 58:32 I'm suprised this wasn't the shortest segment!
Part Two Corneo Runs This Joint > Cosmo Canyon 2:15:30 Chapters Two + Three 2:53:08 5/5 Sidequests Completed (Chapter Three)
Part Three Why Can Bugenhagen Float?! > Nibleheim 42:22 Chapter Four 1:34:45
Part Four Badasses Riding Rollercoasters! > Gold Saucer 1:29:41 Chapter Five 1:13:07
Part Five Don't Forget That Mallet! > Whirlwind Maze 2:31:29 Chapter Six 57:06
Part Six The Greatest of Gospels > The Highwind 2:07:50 Chapter Seven 1:06:12
Part Seven Wings Means Sidequests! > Bai Bai Wutai 42:27 Chapter Eight 2:44:35 6/6 Sidequests Completed
Part Eight Murdering Dozens > Breaking Limits 1:00:01 Chapter Nine (Part One) 3:10:00 A TRUE Superboss - Hell House cleans house!
Part Nine Submarine: Redded, Midgar: Raided > Ultima Hunt 1:29:30 Chapter Nine (Part Two) 2:00:18 3/3 Sidequests Completed (Madam M Route)
Part Ten Ancient Forests/Electric Saucers > Battle Arena 1:20:29 Chapter Ten 2:29:27
Part Eleven Slash For Cash > BP is for BIG PRIZES! 1:04:56 Chapter Eleven 2:27:26
Part Twelve The Slash To End All Slashes Leads To > Boneville 1:08:34 Chapters Twelve + Thirteen 1:37:13
Part Thirteen Save Crystal/Crater Grind 1 > Master Materia'd! 1:45:23 Chapter Fourteen 4:14:54 10/10 Sidequests Completed
Part Fourteen Crater Grind 2 > Tried for Gold but Chocobuckled 2:06:57 Chapter Fifteen 55:13
Part Fifteen Crater Grind 3 > Even More Master Materias! 2:18:46 Chapter Sixteen 1:56:17
Part Sixteen Golden Chocobo Done Right! > Crater Grind 4 4:19:25 Chapter Seventeen 3:59:37
Part Seventeen Crater Grind 5 > Knight of the Round Grind 5 2:08:55 Chapter Eighteen 1:46:14 SD Capture because PS4 FULLY blocks Ch 18
Part Eighteen Crater Grind 6 > Ruby Weapon Under a Minute 1:59:57 TOTAL VIDEO TIME: 36:04:04
Part Nineteen Source Grind 1 > Pillbugs For Profit! 1:17:45
Part Twenty Source Grind 2 > One Final Mountain Retreat 47:24
Part Twenty-One Source Grind 2.5 > Powered Up, Headed Down 1:11:07
Part Twenty-Two From Mountain Top to Sea Bottom > The Mini-Grind 15:56
Part Twenty-Three Source Grind 3 > All the Easy Grind is Grinded 3:45:30
Part Twenty-Four Source Grind Finale > Crater Grind 7 2:56:14
Part Twenty-Five Crater Grind 8 > Master-Level Mini-Gaming 2:44:53
Part Twenty-Six Final Non-TAS Snowboarding > Let's Finish This! 3:35:25
Part Twenty-Seven Crater Grind Finale > The Modular Final Segment 1:47:26
Part Twenty-Eight Final Crater Descent to Save 100% of the World! 26:53
FF7 playthrough beat all bosses, collected/completed: all chests, items, L4 Limits, 3x Every Materia, 3x Master Materias, characters, sidequests, minigames
(EXCEPT: Snow Game Time Trials X_X; NOTE: No Cam/Mic; Clean Capture)

Final Fantasy XV New Game + w/ DLCs/Extras Playthrough
Link / Segment Name Runtime Notes
Part 1 - On the Road - On the Warpath 1:35:51 Let's hit the road!
Part 2 - It Can't Be! - Insomnia in Ruins 52:34
Part 3 - To Arms! - Hunting Towards Lestallum 1:01:36
Part 4(A+B) - Royal Arms and a Royal Welcome - Iris in Lestallum 1:32:59 Part B Lost Connection :(
Part 5 - Even the Gods Shall Bow! - Recruiting Ramuh 1:28:02
Part 6 - Moving On! - Cape Caem - A Home Away From Home 1:02:17
Part 7 - Fighting Until the End! - Gladio Disappears!? 1:08:54
Part 8 DLC - The Soul of a True Warrior Will Never Lose! - Episode Gladiolus 1:09:50 First DLC!
Part 9 - Keep it Anchored! Some Hunts Before the Trip 1:20:11
Part 10 - DeadEye's a Dead Guy! Sidequests and Hunts For Now 1:28:26
Part 11 - We're Not Done Yet! - When Sidequests Are Main Quests 1:21:36
Part 12 - Saving the Day, So Save Our Spot! - Questing Before the Boat 2:45:35 Starting to get INTO it now!
Part 13 - Frogs, Chocobos and...Onions!? - The Quests Continue 28:10 Short sesh
Part 14 (A+B) - A World in SHOCK! - Just Kidding...More Sidequests and Hunts 1:46:16 Part B Lost connection again
Part 15 - The Sidequests Strike Back! - An Omen of Utter Defeat! 2:34:02 Boss escaped after 1 hour battle at the end :O
Part 16 - The Heart of a King! A Determination Beyond the Wrath of a God 55:03 The Lead-Up to Leviathan
Part 17 DLC - It's the Only Way! - Ignis' Life-Risking Last Stand! 1:54:58 Episode Ignis AND Extra Verse (True Ending)
Part 18 - Bridging the Gap in Time - From Ignis to Prompto 1:31:20 Got between the last 2 DLCs in 1 segment
Part 19 DLC - The Will to Survive, the Heart to Live on! - Episode Prompto 1:34:01
Part 20 - A Further Passage Through Time - From Prompto to Chapter 13 Verse 2 48:05
Part 21 DLC - You Are Not Alone! A Brotherly Bond Unbroken! - Chapter 13, Verse 2 29:42 I liked OG Ch 13 better (Technically not DLC)
Part 22 - Further Into Darkness! - A Twist, A Time-Skip and The Beginning of the End 1:03:59 Played right from last segment so no load screen
Part 23 - A Return to the Light! - Lucis Alive Through a Hole in Time 2:43:41
Part 24 - Lords of Lestallum AND the Line! - Tough Hunts and Easy Casts 2:53:21
Part 25 (A + B) - An Odor Most Foul! - Trapped in a Sewer with No Way Out! 2:34:33 Lost Footage, so here's Part B
Part 26 - Us vs The World! - An Epic Struggle Throughout the Land 3:48:26 Tons of higher-level questing
Part 27 - The King Retreats! - Nothing But Relaxing Fishing (NOT RELAXING) 1:27:59
Part 28 - A Vengeance That Shall Not Be Overcome! - Our Glorious Payback 2:30:29 Defeated the Boss that ran in segment 15
Part 29 - The Ones Who Would Stand In Our Way - The Cleanup 1:28:15
Part 30 - Continuing Annihilation! - The Destroyers Ride On! 3:07:33
Part 31 - Until There is Nothing Left! - The Brutal Culling Reaches a Climax! 2:59:55
Part 32 - A Final Show of Power! We Can't Be Stopped! - The Superboss Segment 3:27:04 Superboss? I guess for 2017...
Part 33 - The Currents of Destiny Whirl Triumphant! Take Your Throne, One True King! 1:34:39 Single Tear...like a gentlemen.
TOTAL (NG+) IN-GAME TIME: 71:31:31 (23:11:05 for Original Save)
(Played through everything I could without using any guides/looking stuff up)

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (2020) First Playthrough on PS4
with Charlie, Dave and, Josh

Video Link / Segment Cam/Mic? Runtime Notes(?)
Part One Yes/Kinda 2:32:17 My audio only for just this segment
Part Two Yes/Yes 3:52:10
Part Three Yes/Yes 2:16:23
Part Four Yes/Yes 2:22:59
Part Five Yes/Yes 3:30:16
Part Six Yes/Yes 2:57:50
Part Seven Yes/Yes 1:48:48 Charlie and I closin' it out!
Played August 31st through October 25th, 2020

Just Cause 4 - New Game Playthrough
Let's blow some stuff up...for FREEDOM!
Video Link / Title Runtime Comments
Part One: Let's Start an ARMY! 3:00:44 Getting used to the controls mostly
Part Two: Let's Figure Out How to FLY! 2:59:05 Now we're getting somewhere!
Part Three: Let's DESTROY this place! 4:06:21 Okay, alomst there!
Part Four: Let's CONQUER the map! 3:10:28 Feeling like a real badass now!
Part Five: Let's ride a TORNADO! 2:26:57 Okay, NOW I'm back!
Part Six: Let's KILL them ALL! 2:15:22 One man army...with an army too!
TOTAL PLAY TIME: 17:44:17 [TOTAL VIDEO TIME: 17:58:57]

Shadow of the Colossus
(Blind Playthrough 15 Years After Release)

16 Colossi for some CHICK?! Seems steep.
Video Link / Title Runtime Comments
Part One: Colossus Slayer / Horse Encourager! 1:33:06 Oh man...15 years was too long to wait...
Part Two: Proud Swordsman / Horse Collaborator 1:45:31 Covid calls...it took a pandemic for me to hunt colossi.
Part Three: Conquering Hero / Horse Rider! 1:13:53 Always seems I'm confy with controls on Part 3s...
Part Four: Wounded Vanquisher / Horse Beater! 2:30:08 Setbacks are one thing...quitting is another...
Part Five: Stratospheric Voyager / Horse Suicider! 2:26:57 Oh NO!!! Arrouggghhh!!!!
Part Six: Champion of All Including Killing Horses! 1:21:34 The TWISTS!!! This GAAAAME! MY MIIIIIIND!!

The Make-My-Wife-Play Sntacher Playthrough
Link / Segment Name Runtime Notes
Part 1(A): Start of the Game - Meeting Napoleon 1:13:12 Old-School Twitch Disconnects Mean - Part B and...Part C
Part 2: Meeting Napoleon - SAVE KATRINA! 2:14:42 Puppy cam for a few!
Part 3: 'Saving' Katrina - Which Benson?! 1:17:07 Puppy again!
Part 4: Evil Within - SAVE JAMIE! 1:37:45 Now we're gettin deep!
Part 5: To Red Square - The End! 1:30:30 I hate the final boss sequence... Also, video is longer; includes L33T Creditz

Star Ocean: First Departure R Playthrough
Star Ocean 1
Link / Segment Name Cam/Mic? Runtime Notes
Part 1 - A (Second) First Ignition and the Swordsman of Legend! Yes/Yes 3:50:04 From the (2nd re)start past the farthest I've gotten before. RECRUITED - Ilia, Ashlay
Part 2 - An Angel from the Purgatorium...?! Yes/Yes 1:19:59 Got WAY stronger, got through a puzzle dungeon, AAAND I'm lost... RECRUITED - Ioshua
Part 3 - A Reunion...but Not the Pretty One Yes/Yes 2:00:01 Learned a lot, grew a lot AND found some people RECRUITED - Ronyx, Mavelle
Part 4 - A Circuitous Journey Onward Yes/Yes 1:59:56 Ughhhh...this segment was rough. But I think we're on the right track!
Part 5 - Ascent to Champion with our Eyes on the Truth Yes/No 1:04:33 Rocked the arena, continued Eyeing the Truth RECRUITED - T'Nique
Part 6 - The Truth Shall Set Us Free...Eventually... Yes/No 1:27:20 Mostly robbed a treasury...for TRUTH!
Part 7 - The (Short) Long-Awaited Reunion Yes/Yes 26:17 We finally found... RECRUITED: Millie
Part 8 - The Angel Who Killed Many then Forgot All Yes/Yes 1:19:47 We found a...dead...angel...assassin...c-clone(?) RECRUITED - Erys
Part 9 - When a Destiny Culminates in Purgatory Yes/Yes 1:46:39 We fufilled out half-game long fetch quest!
Part 10 - From 300-Years-Past World Onward to Demon World Yes/Yes 1:54:36 We're here to KILL someone! Oh- it's- it's YOU?! ...then...DIE!
Part 11 - A Total Victory Begets A Final War! Yes/Yes 1:33:01 Weird...is this Xenosaga Disc 2 all over again?!
Part 12 - The Ultimate Lifeform vs...the Standard JRPG Party! Yes/Yes 1:49:25 For an old-school JRPG this final push is NICE

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Playthrough
Star Ocean: Dumb Title
Link / Segment Name Cam/Mic? Runtime Notes
Part 1 - A Fifth Star Ocean, A Third Attempt to Play!! Yes/Yes 1:46:26 From the (3rd re)start...through the first...chapter?
Part 2 - Salty Feelings and Instant Karma Yes/Yes 1:37:20 I was trying to go too fast; ran into a TPK!
Part 3 - Revenge Comes to those Which Grind...eth! Yes/No 1:32:54 First grind, but...actually starting to feel dece about this game...
Part 4 - OHHH! STAR OCEAN! I Get It Now! Yes/No 1:39:40 I THINK I got back to where I last played; not sure. We finally 'discovered' the aliens!
Part 5 - A Sneak Attack! (Some) Is Lost! Yes/No 1:12:29 Getting into the core skills learning but AMBUSHED! OOF!
Part 6 - Ahead, Bravely Into the Star Ocean! Yes/Yes 1:50:12 Okay, we're definitely the farthest I've gotten so far now!
Part 7A - The SLAUGHTERY! Best *ERY since the GRINDERY! Yes/No 3:11:18 And...here we go... Part B (I think I had to do a chore)
Part 8 - The Battle Against Kronos Rages On! Yes/No 56:56 Battles and then more battles and battles!
Part 9 - A Victory and a Return Ho- to Our Spaceship Yes/No 25:29 The cutscenes return too!
Part 10 - Our True Enemies Appear! One Last Journey Home! Yes/No 1:06:04 Well, hello there BBEG!
Part 11 - The Road to Victory Leads Through...Some Jerks!! Yes/No 1:06:06 A second guest party member...weird.
Part 12 - Nothin But a Quick Grind! Yes/No 17:48 Well...shopping too I guess...
Part 13 - The Signesilica Sounds Pretty Cool... Yes/No 43:36 Crushed it, boss is next
Part 14 - Forging Onward, Bravely Until the End!! Yes/Yes 1:24:59 Nothing left to do now but END this!
Part 15A - A Final Dungeon, A Final Challenge...A Final Annoyance...! Yes/Yes 1:27:13 I mean...OBVIOUSLY the video crashes at the final boss...Part B